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The Smallest Programming Language in the World

An Educational Programming Language

Including an Introduction to the Lambda Calculus

(Online Version)

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Printed version available in October 2004:

Loczewski, Georg P.
A++ : The Smallest Programming Language in the World
1st. Edition 2005 -Darmstadt
STMV - S. Toeche-Mittler Verlag
ISBN 3-87820-116-8


S. Toeche-Mittler Versandbuchhandlung GmbH

© 2004 by S. Toeche-Mittler Verlag. All rights reserved.
D-64295 Darmstadt, Germany

The online version of the book is released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License published by the Free Software Foundation; with the Front-Cover Texts being "A++ -- The Smallest Programming Language in the World, by Georg P. Loczewski published by the S.Toeche-Mittler Verlag" and with no Back-Cover Texts. The full text of the license is available at the following address: GNU Free Documentation License.

The author and publisher make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to these programs or the documentation contained in this book. The author and publisher shall not be liable in any event for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of these programs.

The online version contains part I of the printed version covering the presentation of the language. The implementation of A++ in Perl and C with an introduction of ARS based programming in these languages is presented in the printed version only.

Georg P. Loczewski 2004-10-04
Printed version of book typeset in LaTeX can be ordered now!!