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A++ -- An Educational Programming Language:

The Language

A++ is a programming language created for the sole purpose to help people interested in programming to thoroughly understand as quickly and efficiently as possible the essentials of the art of programming . By learning A++ students not only get a deep comprehension of programming very quickly but at the same time they acquire powerful pattern recognition skills that can be applied in most programming languages.

A++, being based on the Lambda Calculus, can be considered to be a hard-core programming language consisting of elements that cannot be further split up or disintegrated whereas other languages have a lot of bells and whistles and many soft features very useful to cope with practical programming problems.

Learning the art of programming cannot be accomplished however by becoming familiar with all these nice and handy soft features a programming language has to offer but by learning how to cope with programming problems by continuously applying Abstraction, Reference and Synthesis from the beginning to the end.

Programming with the focus on the application of 'Abstraction', 'Reference' and 'Synthesis' we call ARS Based Programming. In A++ ARS Based Programming becomes ultimately visible to a programmer.

The Implementation

A++ has been implemented in Scheme, Java, C++, C, Perl and Python using ARS based programming techniques. The implementations in Perl and C are presented in detail in the book on A++ referred to below.
The other implementations are covered in the book 'Programmierung pur' (Undiluted Programming) (3-87820-108-7) published in 2003.

The Book

A++ is introduced in the book A++ - The Smallest Programming Language in the World, covering the language as well as its implementation. The book has been published in Darmstadt, Germany in October 2004 under the ISBN: 3-87820-116-8. and can be purchased world wide directly from Net-Library.de using the following link: A++ from www.net-library.de

More Details

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